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"Beast Trainer" is incoming multiplayer online custom mod for the video game "WarCraft III" expansion "The Frozen Throne" originally creating by Алексић Владица, better known as "InSaNe_97" or rarely "JaSamGovedo".

The mod will be played by 24 players fighting each other and neutral hostile creeps in huge area (map), the objective of the game and the story is still unknown.


In the start of the game every player can chose different "picks" while same "pick" can be chosen from unlimited amount of players.

After choosing, player will spawn in already specified starting place and start a playing in the map with various item shops, creep spawns, bosses, special drops and some other events.



Roughly speaking, release will be divided into 3 main phases, which from every main phase will have unknown number of patches.

First incoming main phase will be about releasing mod in patches from early to late progress of development, mostly to test demand and reactions, also to receive some help like suggestions, help with coding and money.

Second main phase will be about releasing almost finished mod with goal to fix bugs and possibly make very last changes.

Third main phase will be releasing finished mod ready for playing, what implies future updates through the patches.

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